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The Dominican Athlete!
Henry Sanchez (photo above) realized after doing more than 2 hours of tennis drills and lessons that he needs to put extra time and effort in order to be a very good tennis player.  "This is intense!" he said after the tennis workout and hitting hundreds of tennis balls.  Welcome to the league, Henry!

Photo above shows Robin Zhang, Jerry Hao and Allison during the round robin last Saturday, Aug 27, 2005 from 3pm to 9pm.
It was another successful SATURDAY ROUND ROBIN! Thanks everyone for coming! Thank you Chris Bien for making the delicious home made PASTA for all the tennis league members!   Photos and MATCH RESULTS from Saturday's round robin click HERE! WHAT A GREAT DAY OF TENNIS! GREAT WEATHER, GREAT COMPANY, GREAT PLAYERS and GREAT EXERCISE!!!! 

Antoine Troadec
(photo above) was originally from France and presently works as a Sales Intern for a French Hotel Conglomerate based in NYC.  He said in his email, "I'm French and I'm 23 years old. I am student and I am in NYC to do an internship in business. I have been in NY for less than 2 months. I used to play in competition for my club in Paris; my favorite surface was clay. I had to slow down a bit during the last 2 years because of my studies; but this year I really want to play intensively again, every week." Welcome to the tennis league, Antoine!

The Accountant Who Wants to Rebuild His Physical Health!
Jay Rodriguez (photo above), originally from Puerto Rico moved to NYC 3 years ago.  He is motivated to improve his tennis game as well as his physical conditioning.  "I smoke 6 cigarettes a day and work hard at the office!" Jay said.  "I don't go to the gym, I have a bike but never use it, however, tennis is fun and I love playing tennis!"  Jay is joining the league to re-dedicate himself to a sport that he loves.  Welcome to the league, Jay! SATURDAY ROUND ROBIN, Aug 20, 2005 from 3pm-9pm in Edgewater!!! IT WAS ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL AND ENJOYABLE ROUND ROBIN, TENNIS TIL YOU DROP, LAST SATURDAY! Thanks everyone for coming!!!! Everyone had a great time and GREAT EXERCISE!!!! Photo above shows some league players admiring some of the tennis shots of other league members. Photos and MATCH RESULTS from, Saturday, Aug 20, click here


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