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Ross Stoyanchev (photo above) is an active member of the league!




Advanced and Intermediate Level Tournament is going to start this June 2006.  There will be 2 divisions for Mens Tournament - Intermediate and Advanced (double bracket elimination).  For Women, there will be one division only.  The winners for the Womens Division will be determined based on WIN-LOSS percentage.  Email me ASAP if you are interested to join. (NOTE: Limited to league members only)

Awesome Tennis League Members!
(photo L-R) Marc Carnahan, Christopher Tom, Eric (league coach), Kim and Sarah Findling.  They all have great personality, excellent tennis players and great physical conditioning! Check out Chris' biceps! This guy goes to the gym 4x a week! 

FUN SUMMER TENNIS league here we come!
(photo L-R) Cary Barbor, Claire Edmonson, Eric (league coach), Lisa Bowman and Miguel Jaime are getting ready to play in the Summer TennisNYC.com league!

Corn Fields of Tennis Dreams!
Joshua DeWeese just moved to NYC from Oklahoma where he made some money doing corn field maze tours/games.  He is presently finishing his MBA degree and plans to play lots of tennis in between his studies! Welcome to NYC!

TennisNYC.com Doubles after work!
(photo L-R) Janice Vrana and Miho Yoneyama teamed up against Kristine Kilbourne and Bryan Dorsey last Thursday night from 7pm to 10pm.

Awesome! Go Andrew!

Beautiful! Go Hiroyuki!

The Editor who is thrilled to play tennis again!
Myles Hefland (photo above) wrote me an email and said, "I'm an out-of-practice tennis lover who just came across your site, and would love to get back into the game. I've only played twice in the past few years, so I'm extremely rusty, but I'm probably around a 2.5 right now, with a first serve that's a little bit better than the rest of my game. At the moment, I'm looking more to get back into the swing of things." After doing tennis drills last Tuesday, May 23, Myles said smiling, "I think I'm going to sleep well tonight!" BTW, Myles is the Editor of the online magazine, www.TheBody.com 

Welcome New League Members!
(L-R) Eric (league coach), Michelle McIvor, Joseph Ming Chai, Estefania Tam, Benoit deLaBorderie. "This is awesome. We had fun!" everyone said after their 2 hour cardio drills/ evaluation and lesson last Sunday, May 21, 2006.

We love playing tennis!
Despite the blustery winds and less than ideal tennis weather, some TennisNYC league members played last Sunday night, May 21, 2006.  (L-R) Bryan, Iwaya, Linda, Eric, Nikki and Reza.  "League members are nice!" Linda said.

The funny guy, hockey player vs The charming girl from Columbia!
"If I don't exercise [play tennis] I might die, but If I do this cardio tennis, I will also die!" - Maria Catalina said laughing during the tennis drills.  Maria Catalina Colmenares joined the TennisNYC league to meet people, get good exercise, lose weight and enjoy playing tennis.  Fredric Cibelli had lots of fun doing drills and meeting Maria who just moved here from South America.

"I already lost 20 pounds since I joined the TennisNYC league!" - Neale Chaudhury said.
(photo L-R) Vipul, Rick, Ami, Neale and Reza were some league players who played last May 17 during the weeknight round robins of singles and doubles from 7pm to 10pm.

"I don't like tennis... I love tennis!" 
Reza Adeli (photo above) said smiling after doing drills/evaluation prior to playing with other league members.  Reza underestimates his game, "I am a beginner!" but in reality, he is actually an intermediate player.  "It's mental for me," he said. "Many times during match games, I will be up 5-0, then I would lose the set!"

What a great way to start your day! Play tennis early in the morning!!!
(photo L-R) Shari, Robin, Dean, Susan, Kathleen, Brannen, Yumi and Amanda.  Dean and Kathleen dropped by the courts after their drills and evaluation last Sunday, May 14  to meet some TennisNYC league players. "They are all nice!" Kathleen said after meeting them.

Saturday Tennis in the Park!
(photo L-R) Jon, Neale, Kevin, Vipul, TK, Iwaya, Shari and Robyn played Saturday, May 13, 2006.  "I can't believe I played for almost 4 hours today!" Takeshi said smiling and happy.

Tennis Doubles is Fun!
Did you know that Bryan Dorsey (far left photo above) eats mostly Tofu, goes to the gymn few times a week and plays a lot of tennis! He is fast becoming a doubles specialist! He enjoys playing doubles so much! I call him the "THE TOFU GUY!" Go Bryan!

Wednesday mini-round robin
(Photo above L-R) Sid, Linda, Kristin, Jon Marsh, Nikki, Clare, Neale, Bryan and Jon Yeung played last Wednesday night, May 10 during the TennisNYC weeknights round robin. "Tonight, I played my first singles match in 12 years!" Jon Yeung said after he played an exciting tiebreaker set against Nikki.

Tennis doubles in the park!
(photo L-R) Lauren Buck, Rita Kotiah, Jacqueline Lovelock and Robin Zhang played round robin singles and doubles last weekend.
"Thanks for organizing yesterday.  I had a great time.  It was  awesome to be able to play outdoor again," Robin Zhang said, a returning member of the league.  Robin hibernated last winter, rejoined the league this spring/summer 2006.

Triceps Stretch before cardio tennis!!!
(photo L-R) Eric, Jon, Diane and Susan

Tennis is a great way to meet people!
(photo above L-R) League members: Kamal, Michael, Pratik, Hiroyuki, Eric, Nikhiel, Yumi, Tina, Rebecca and Sharon played tennis last May 6 Saturday during the mini-round robin.

TennisNYC nightly league matches in the Park!!!
(photo L-R) Vipul, Bryan, Miho, Kristin, Linda, Hillary, Jey, Tomoko and Drew were some of the league players who played last May 3 league night matches in the park. "That was my first singles match after graduating from Duke!" Hillary said after her singles match against Drew Clough.

The Japanese couple who love to play tennis!!!
(photo L-R) Hiroyuki Kitagawa, Eric (league coach) and Yumi (Hiroyuki's wife).
"Hello, my name is Hiroyuki Kitagawa. I'm 31years old Japanese businessman. I took part in many local tennis tournaments in Japan."  Hiroyuki and Yumi are both great tennis players!!! Welcome to NYC!

TennisNYC League July 4 Tennis Fireworks!!!!
Photo above shows some of the league members who celebrated July 4, 2006 (Tuesday morning) by playing tennis for several hours! (L-R) RJ, Yumi, Ami, Tomoko, Eric, TK, Hiroyuki, Brannen and Brandy.

Dan Bronson (photo L), a Costume Designer, is in NYC filming a gangster movie directed by Ridley Scott.  In between his busy shooting schedule, he will play tennis with other league members.  Dan has a great forehand! Mort (shown on the left with Eric Capuano, the league coach) is a writer and TV Producer.  He plans to devote his summer early morning hours playing tennis.  Mort is very athletic.  He keeps himself in shape by going to the gymn and playing tennis.

Good Match, great summer day, great exercise!
Jake Miles and Bridget Finnerty (photo above) congratulate each other after playing a few games of tennis during the cardio tennis drills and evaluation.

James Gaffney (photo L) is a very humble tennis player.  Even though he played for his High School Tennis Team few years ago, he still considers himself an advanced beginner.  James has great attitude and personality. "No more beer!" he said smiling after the cardio tennis drills.  He has a great sense of humor too!  
Ashley Hogan (photo L) has a great personality and a nice smile.  After finishing his Masters in Human Resources, he joined an airline company, then moved to NYC where he is currently based.  Ashley is an advanced tennis player who has a great tennis attitude!   
  David Judson (photo L) is a super talented tennis player who has been playing tennis since he was a kid.  David is motivated to play tennis again after a few years of absence from the game due to major web projects.  He is a freelance web producer!

Danielle Evans (photo above) is a nice, friendly and very sociable tennis player.  She loves to travel. She has been to a lot of exotic places especially in Asia.  In between her exotic adventures, she plans to play tennis in NYC with other league members. 

Samuel Martin (photo L) took a lot of tennis lessons at the NYC Sports Club and plans to spend the rest of his summer playing tennis with other TennisNYC league members.  Besides tennis, he loves the game of golf.  He is very athletic, great friendly personality and very talented!

Weeknight matches are fun! Great way to de-stress after work!
(L-R) RJ, Jon, Kristin, Steven, Chioma, Hillary and Sid were some of the league players who played last Wednesday night June 21, 2006.  Weather was great! Tennis under the moonlight!


Chioma (photo left) has been playing tennis since she was a young girl and she played and participated in a lot of junior tennis tournaments.  She has great consistency, hits the ball with great topspin and very athletic!!! She played an intense singles match vs Hillary France, a former PRO and member of the league last June 21, 2006.

"We had fun!"
(L-R) Francesca, Hasina and Eric. Francesca Whalen and Hasina Outtz were so happy after the cardio drills/lesson and evaluation last Saturday morning, June 17, 2006. "I had a great time!" Francesca said. Francesca works as a Stock Broker while Hasina is a 2nd year Medical Student.  "Both ladies were talented, athletic and have a great enthusiasm for the game!" Eric, the league coach, said.

Tennis bridges generation gaps!
(L-R) RJ Tugbang and Domenick Morda represent 2 different generations, yet they both share the same passion for tennis and speak the same tennis language.  "He is a nice kid!" Domenick said. Welcome to the league, RJ and Domenick!



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