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The Palm Springs Beauty!
Ana Maria goes to Palm Springs, California on a regular basis to relax and take tennis lessons.  She is a full blooded Italian American, a well educated lady who graduated from University of Chicago with an MBA degree.  She started her own business (Marketing Strategy) which has grown enourmously.  She said, "I look forward to playing tennis with the league members.  I travel a lot for work and am excited to pick up the game of tennis" Welcome to the league Ana Maria!  

Lance Yoon
(photo L) is a Korean American who loves playing tennis. His main tennis problem? "I can't find a good tennis partner to play with," he said.  "I always invite my best friend to play, but he seems to have no time and is not into tennis much."  Lance joined the league to find tennis partners of equal skills and to relieve himself of the pressures of scheduling matches.  Lance works full time as a Corporate Tax Lawyer for a big firm in Manhattan.  He was a member of his High School Tennis Team and played on a regular basis the past few months.  "I am also convincing my wife to play with me," he adds.  Lance has a good all around tennis game and has a great swinging volley.

Lily Murakami
(photo L) is the newest member of the tennis league.  She just came back from Japan few weeks ago where she worked for an American Company for a few years.  Lily has a great personality.  She is always smiling, very friendly, and very athletic.  Lily took a lot of tennis lessons in Tokyo, Japan and is very serious about improving her tennis game.  Lily has great footwork and movement on the tennis court.  She is presently taking lessons from Eric Capuano, the league instructor, to work on her serve.  WELCOME TO THE TENNISNYC.COM TENNIS LEAGUE, LILY!!!

Emmanuel (photo L) is the newest member of the tennis league.  He grew up in Lyon, France where he started playing tennis as a young kid.  Emmanuel has a solid intermediate game, has a great first serve (low and flat with spin) and can consistently rally hard from the baseline.  Emmanuel presently works for a famous French Cosmetic Company in Manhattan.  Welcome to the tennis league, Emmanuel!

"My father will be happy that his money didn't go to waste," Katherine (photo L) said when I told her during her tennis evaluation that she has great tennis technique. "It [tennis technique] is something you don't forget," she said.  Katherine was enrolled in tennis lessons by her father at a young age.  She grew up in Houston and went to school in Austin, Texas.  She just moved to NYC 2 years ago and she commutes daily to Connecticut to work for a big energy company.  Katherine has a solid intermediate tennis game.  Welcome to the league, Katherine!

David Lee (photo L) was very complimentary when I met him during his evaluation in Central Park Tennis Center last Wednesday, June 15, 2005. "You are doing a great job in the league," he said.  David has a good solid intermediate game.  He has beautiful technique on both sides and has a consistent reliable serve.  He can put extra pop on the ball especially from the forehand side.  Surprisingly, David only played once so far this year and hopes to bring his A game on the tennis court by joining the league.  Welcome to the league, David! David has a home based business doing executive recruitment.


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