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JOHN and JERRY!!!(Photo below L-R) John Caricato, The NT specialist and Jerry Hao, the IT specialist!!! John Caricato and Jerry Hao did more than an hour of tennis lessons, tennis evaluation and tennis drills/hitting and matches in Edgewater last Saturday, June 25, 2005.  "I like hitting hundreds of balls," Jerry said.  Jerry and John love tennis so much that they even stayed for more than 3 hours of round robin matches with other league members after their drills/evaluation.  John has been playing tennis for many years in Central Park.  However, 5 years ago, he stopped playing because he couldn't find tennis partners.  "I want to join the league to find partners," he explained. WELCOME to the League, John and Jerry!

The Jelena Dokic of tennis league.  Shelly Lebovitch (photo L) has a striking physical resemblance with the WTA PRO Jelena Dokic.  However, the similarity doesn't end there.  Just like Jelena Dokic, Shelly also has a very solid tennis game, excellent tennis technique and very good physical conditioning.  "I have taken tennis lessons since I was a child," explains Shelly.  Presently, Shelly is on a summer school break from her Doctoral studies in Child Psychology at Pace University in downtown, Manhattan.  Welcome to the tennis league Shelly! Pictured on the background is Hakuna, Koko Lani's dog and the ball girl of the tennis league!

The FASHION DESIGNER who has a great topspin FOREHAND!!! When not playing tennis, Lee Duong (photo L) works as a FASHION DESIGNER for Pierre Cardin.  Lee said, "I have played competitively in high school and was on the F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology) Tennis Team." Lee has great topspin shots that dip really low.  His bread and butter shots are the forehand down the line and forehand cross court.  Lee knows how to compliment a partner when his partner makes a good shot.  He has a great tennis attitude and very likeable as a person. Welcome to the league, Lee!!!

Mike Cremin
is a great spokesperson for JetBlue Airlines, the company he works for.  "I always use the corporate philosophy of JetBlue in my life, which is, always on time, excellent service, more savings.  We are the only airline besides South West that is making profit."  Mike is in charge of the Sales and Marketing Department of JetBlue.  Mike has been playing tennis for 23 years (since he was 10 years old)!!! Mike has excellent timing and hits the ball solid from both sides.  Welcome to the league, Mike!!!

In only just a few weeks playing tennis with other league members of, Stephanie Kramer's (photo L) tennis game improved tremendously as well as her physical conditioning.  She runs faster for the ball, hits the ball with pace and consistency and never runs out of breath.  "I like hitting with Nina" she said, smiling and very happy. "I think we match up very well."


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