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Christian Fontecilla (photo L) was reassigned to NYC from Chile by his company about six months ago.  "I didn't play tennis for six months since I arrived in NYC," he said, his shoes stained red from playing lots of tennis on red clay back in Chile.  "When I was in Chile, I played lots of sports with my friends."  After hitting hundreds of tennis balls during his evaluation/drills as part of his application to join the tennis league, Christian realized that he is not in shape and his physical conditioning deteriorated.  "I am very motivated to get back into sports and tennis and to work on my physical health," he said.  WELCOME TO NYC and to the TENNIS LEAGUE, Christian!!

Betsy Cummings (photo L) has a great personality, very friendly and has a way of making people at ease.  She graduated with a Masters degree in Journalism from NYU and has written lots of business articles for New York Times and presently a Contributing Editor for several prestigious magazines in NYC.  Betsy is in top shape and form.  Due to her excellent cardio-vascular conditioning, she can hit hundreds and hundreds of tennis balls without a problem.  "I run a few marathons," she reveals.  Welcome to the tennis league, Betsy!!! Pictured with Betsy is Hakuna, the ball girl (dog) of the league!!

Brian, the super competitive CHIROPRACTOR!!!
Brian (photo above) works as a Chiropractor in Staten Island.  He is willing to travel anywhere at any time to play tennis.  He said, "I am a 36 yr. old chiropractor and partner in a real estate/ construction company and have been playing tennis for 5 years, but i have been involved and have played sports all of my life. I split my time living in Staten Island and Miami.  When in Miami, I play every day as I have 2 tennis courts in my building and can always get a game. I play with people of various skill levels but everyone always plays to win.  When in New York, I can go for weeks or even months without playing which is why I look forward to joining the league and playing when I am here." Welcome to the tennis league, Brian!!!

The "BILLY JOEL" of tennis league!!!
Arth Matthews (photo above) is always in a "New York State of Mind" whenever he hits a tennis ball!! He is aggressive, very tough, hits the ball hard and plays without fear.  Art has been playing tennis for many many years back in Southern California.  He just moved to NYC a few weeks ago.  "My stuff is still in boxes!" he said.  "I like to try it out here for a year.  I can always move back to California if I don't like it."  Art works for his own law firm. WELCOME TO THE LEAGUE, ART!!

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