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(Photo L-R) The Easygoing Musician, Ian Katz and the Engineer from India who loves his mom's home cooking, Sanjith Rai
Ian's email: "I love tennis, I love playing it and watching it, I want to improve my game. I started playing when I was about 10 years old.  I never played competitively, but I played on and off for years, I was very athletic and didn't play competitive tennis because I was concentrating on other sports.  I went to a tennis camp in the summer a few times when I was about 12 or 13. After not playing much for a while, I picked up tennis again at the end of last summer. I like the idea of the tennis league because its geared to improve your tennis and not just play tournaments."
Sanjith's email: "I came across your website, while searching for people interested in tennis in the NYC area. I live in the city and currently am taking intermediate level tennis classes in Baruch College." Sanjith is a native of India and presently works in the IT department of a large insurance company in Manhattan. 

The Management Analyst from India and the Hostess from Japan
(Photo L-R) Rahul Kumar and Iwaya Shizuko did more than an hour of tennis evaluation/hitting, games, lessons and drills in Edgewater before joining the tennis league.  After taking only a few tennis lessons, Rahul can already serve, has a decent reliable forehand and backhand.  Rahul graduated from Polytechnic University and presently works for a major finance firm in Manhattan.  Iwaya Shizuko works for a non-profit church organization in Harlem during the day and a hostess at night in a Japanese restaurant.  Iwaya has been playing tennis for many years in Fukishima, Japan since her teens.  Welcome to the tennis league, Iwaya and Rahul!

(Photo above L-R) Jose Amsing, Mary Hess and Eric Capuano, the tennis instructor of the league.  "This is a great work out!" Jose Amsing and Mary Hess said after their 1 1/2 hrs of tennis drills, lessons and tennis evaluation last Thursday night, July 7 in Edgewater as part of their application to join the tennis league.  Jose was originally from Holland and presently works for a major finance company in Manhattan.  Mary grew up in Cape May, New Jersey where she plans to get married this October.


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