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The PETE SAMPRAS of the league, Ravi and the STEFAN EDBERG of the league, Peter Libert!!!
(Photo L-R) Ravi and Peter Libert did 2 hours of tennis drills (hundreds of balls!), hitting, games and tennis evaluation in Edgewater last Wednesday, July 13, 2005.  Ravi is doing his summer internship in NYC after which he is going back to Thunderbird International Business School in Arizona to finish his MBA studies.  Ravi is a 5.0 tennis player, has a powerful serve and a solid all around tennis game.  He can use a one hand backhand like Pete Sampras or a 2 handed backhand like Agassi.  Peter Libert is from Sweden.  He works in the Financial District (Equity) and enjoys living in NYC.  Just like Stefan Edberg, Peter is mild mannered, very cool and collected.  He emailed me the next day after his drills and said, "A brief thank you for yesterday. It was great to get back on the court ! (Stefan Edberg, would probably have been very upset about my serves :)  I could not imagine that the drill session would be that hard. I would very much like to join your league and can't wait to get back on the court, I probably need to rest for a day before playing again."

(photo L-R) Eric Capuano, the tennis instructor of the league, Kyoji Koitabashi and Rajesh Salgia.  Kyoji works for Japan Air Lines while Rajesh just moved here from Chicago and he works in the Financial District.

Veronica Vela (photo above) took a 10 year break from tennis after high school.  During that time, she was able to complete a law degree from Yale University and is currently working for a law firm in Manhattan.  She wrote in her email, "I am an intermediate player who played in high school (that was 10 years ago) and have only played intermittently since. But every time I do, I realize how much I love it and miss it. I took a lesson at a recent company outing and the instructor suggested joining a league." Veronica did more than 2 hours of tennis drills, lessons and evaluation with another player, Carole Gardner in Edgewater last Tuesday night, July 12.  Welcome to the tennis league, Veronica! Eric, the tennis instructor of the league said after the evaluation, "Veronica is very athletic and learns very fast.  In only a few minutes, she was able to adjust to a new grip on her serve and did very well!" 


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