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Jonathan Saltzman (photo L) just came back from Amsterdam, Netherlands where he spent five years working and having a great time with his Dutch ex-girlfriend.  He came back to NYC with a different outlook in life, a new European accent and a new desire to play tennis again.  He said, "I am a former high school tennis player, now 31, interested in getting back out there ASAP for the first time in a while."  Jonathan did 1 1/2 hrs of tennis drills, lessons and tennis evaluation in Edgewater last Friday afternoon, July 15, 2005. "I had a super super great time. Thank you very much!" he said. 

James Abishek Wilson (photo above) is a very very good tennis player.  He has been playing tennis since he was 10 years old in India where he came from and played club tennis in College.  He just graduated with a business degree from the University of North Carolina and already he got a job with a major accounting firm in Manhattan.  James has a big serve, big loopy forehand which he patterned after tennis PRO, Roger Federer and a 2 handed backhand.  Welcome to the tennis league, James Abishek!

Matthias Case (photo above) is not your ordinary tennis player.  He was a tennis coach and a tennis instructor for many years.  He coached a high school tennis team in Connecticut few months ago and presently works for a major finance firm in Manhattan.  Matthias likes to play in the league several times a week after work.  Welcome to the league, Matthias! 

(Photo L-R) Robert Panullo and Mark Karchov did more than an hour of hitting, intense tennis drills, games, lessons and evaluation last Friday, July 1, 2005 in Edgewater.  "I had many lessons in the past, but nothing compared to this!" Mark said referring to the intense drills.  He hit hundreds and hundreds of tennis balls!!! Robert played a lot of junior tournaments while growing up back in Connecticut.  Presently, he is the Vice President of a major Finance company in Midtown.  On the other hand, Mark Karchov lives in Hoboken and works as an Accountant.  "I would like to take another serve lesson before I join the league," Mark said.


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