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Tom Orde (originally from London, England) is shown above doing some agility tennis training as part of his tennis drills/evaluation/lessons in Edgewater prior to joining the tennis league.  Tom works for American Express in NYC, just moved here from Singapore, Hongkong and Bali where he was assigned by his company for a short period of time.  "It's a great job because I get to travel everywhere," he said with an interesting English accent.  "People in NYC are very friendly, I'm surprised," he said smiling.

Kenneth Ma
(photo above) is a regular member of tennis league.  After a month and half of playing with other league members, Kenneth Ma is not content with his game.  He wrote, "My game is not getting better, can you give me lessons?"  I recommended that Kenneth incorporate drills and lessons with hitting and matches with other league members in order to get better.  Kenneth took an hour and half of lessons with Eric and he was very happy after that. "It was great," he said.  "I took a few lessons before at a private club with at least 4 or 6 players in the group and I wasn't too happy with the

Seong Moh (pictured left) is a Korean American who just moved to NYC from California.  He works as a software developer for a major firm in NYC.  He wrote, "I saw your website and would love to join the league.  I am an intermediate player from Hoboken, about 3.5 to 4.0"  Seong did more than an hour of tennis drills (hundreds of tennis balls!) and serve lessons in Edgewater.  Seong has a solid game, great physical conditioning and a very positive attitude.  "This is a great work-out!" he said after the drills.

(Photo above L-R) Megan Orsen and Erika Hiroishi did an hour and half of tennis evaluation/drills and lessons last Sunday, July 24, 2005 in Edgewater prior to joining the tennis league.  Erika Hiroishi wrote in her email: "I got transferred from Mexico to USA last winter, and was looking for a tennis partner, but unfortunately, I couldn't find any.  Maybe the season didn't help much.  I haven't play tennis since 2 years ago, and would like to start again.  I would also like to improve my hits given that I learn without coach.  I really don't know what ranking I am, given that it's my first time I've ever been in USA, but I'm definitely not a beginner." Erika has a complete game, solid ground strokes and beautiful technique on both sides, forehand and backhand.  Megan Orsen wrote in her email: "I am a beginner tennis player, but I would like to get better and just practice." Megan did very well during the drills and lessons and plans to schedule more lessons in the future.  Megan has a great attitude and is very motivated to get better.

Justin Mauskopf (photo above left) is the type of tennis player who always like to learn new things and improve his game.  "I have been taking lessons for the last 3 years. I am a tennis fanatic who can not get enough of the game - whether it is playing, going to matches, or watching the tennis channel."  During his tennis evaluation, drills and lessons with Eric (photo above right), Justin worked on his topspin serve, kick serve and slice serve.  He said after the session, "I'm lovin' my new serve!"  


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