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Steve Cambor has been playing tennis on a regular basis in Long Island where he plays lots of doubles. He said, "For the last 10 years I have been a member of Northport Tennis Club (long Island) where I get to play outdoors in the summers - typically 2 sets most Saturdays and Sundays.  This club is almost always doubles, which I like a lot." Steve is motivated to take his game to the next level so he did the 1 1/2 hrs of intense drills.  After the drills, he said smiling, "I haven't had a work out like that in a long time!" Welcome to the league, Steve! 

The GOOD LOOKING tennis bachelors!
(Photo L-R) Erik Penney and Jericho Razon did more than 1 1/2 hours of tennis drills in preparation for joining the tennis league this FALL.  Both guys just graduated with Masters degree in Business and recently joined the corporate world.  Erik took his MBA from William Simon Graduate School of Business while Jericho finished his Masters from Boston U.  Welcome to the league guys! Erik has been playing tennis since he was a kid and is an advanced tennis player while Jericho is seriously motivated to improve his game!

Erin (photo above) was a former high school tennis player and played tennis while in College (Northeastern U in Boston).  She presently works full time at Lehman in Manhattan.  Erin did almost 3 hours of tennis drills/lessons, hitting, supervised match situation and tennis agility training last Monday night, Aug 1, in Edgewater with league instructors.  "This is the best work-out I've ever had in many months!" Erin said.  Erin is very athletic, has a great friendly personality and has a very warm positive energy. Welcome to the tennis league, Erin! You did very well!!!

Elizabeth Kaufman is shown above doing stretching and toning exercises to strengthen her biceps and shoulders in between tennis drills as part of her tennis evaluation/lessons/training before joining the tennis league

Maria Ho (photo left) is an ER doctor who enjoys playing tennis and going to the gym.  She enjoys working out so much she even hired a personal trainor! Maria used to play a lot of tennis, however, because of medical studies and hospital work, she hasn't played in a while.  She worries that any tennis skill she had before is essentially gone.  Now that she has enough free time, Maria decided to pick up tennis again. Maria did more than an hour of tennis drills and lessons with Eric and Koko Lani.  "Maria did very well. She has a great attitude and personality and very athletic. She wants to seriously improve her game." Eric, the League instructor said. 2000.  All rights reserved.
New York City, USA