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WINTER IS HERE!!! COME and JOIN us in the TennisNYC Tennis League!  HAVE FUN and GET SOME EXERCISE! We welcome everyone! Beginners to Advanced Levels! All nationalities and tennis characters! However, one important requirement before you join, PLEASE BE SERIOUS about tennis. was meant to be an intense tennis work-out to reduce your emotional, mental, physical stress (tennis therapy), stay healthy, lose weight and improve your physical conditioning (cardio tennis) and take your tennis game to the next level!!! Email KoKo Lani for details!! Serious inquiries only please. Phone interview required before joining.


Monday, Jan 17 Photos of tennis league

MORE PHOTOS of tennis league and teaching PROS please click here

MORE PHOTOS of tennis league
please click here

MORE PHOTOS of tennis league
Please click here


Below are PHOTOS of some of the Guests and Members of the tennis league.

"Although I can't be sure that I can make it every week, I am thrilled by the opportunity to play with your league members. In addition to being very good, they are really nice people, and that makes playing even more fun." - Robert Miller from PBS Channel 13

"I just wanted to thank you again for being very proactive with the league and I am enjoying myself very much!!  You are awesome!!" - Lee Duong, member of

We do drills, hitting, games (Singles and Doubles), TOURNAMENTS, lessons, round robins and outings! Beginners to Advanced levels! Everyone is Welcome! Get tennis exercise, and meet nice people this WINTER!

Email me to know more about joining the tennis league this WINTER!
"I am from Munich, Germany.  I came to NYC to play tennis with tennis league members and guests!" - Michael Stache (Student) "I like to play in Central Park Tennis Center.  Can you reserve a court there?" - Michael Brosius (Trader)

"I love this game.  I want to keep improving, and maybe in six years become a Wimbledon Champion! That's just my dream!" - Pulkit (Software developer)

"Doing the 2 hour tennis drills is great! You get a good work-out! It's better than going to the gymn!" Paolo Rodela (IT Manager)

"Great drilling, great match!" - Dan Llanes (Research Finance) "Thank you for your patience with me! I got the tennis "bug" again & I definitely want to get my game back." - Jeff Doty (Finance)

"The TennisNYC tennis league inspires a love for the game!" - Tommy (NYU English major)

"Thank you for the match and for taking me home last night!" - Sherlia (Software developer)

"Terrific matches and nice people.  They are all professionals! The small league fee is worth it!" - Eric (PE Director)

"I play for Baruch College, a Division 3 College Tennis team." - Max (Business student)

"My body feels better ever since I joined this league!" - Gener (Accountant) "That group sounds good to me. I'm also interested in mixed doubles!" - Jodi (Production -  Children's TV)
"I especially like the volley drills. I get a good workout!" - Janice (Art appraiser) "Koko, thank you for finding me good partners! The league is very inexpensive!" - Eric Jin (Businessman)
"Book me on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday! I want to play with advanced players!" - Roman (Finance) "Thank you for your understanding and patience. Can you change my tennis schedule this Friday?" - Alan (Tax Accountant)
"Please post my scores on the internet.  I want all my friends to see it!" - Joe Zara (IBM employee) "I love New York City, the people here are not boring!" - Thomas Blondet (Intern)
"I want to play again with Joe Zara.  I like to play against younger guys my age who hits the ball hard!" - Jordan Friedman (Insurance) "I like to play early on weekends, I'm afraid my presence is needed in lots of parties!" - Adam Burton (Lawyer)
"I just finished my MBA and wants to relax, play tennis until I get a job in the US." - Ryo Rokamura (MBA graduate) "Book me with French players so I can practice on my French.  I will go to the French Open this year!" - Jerry (Nurse research)
"As soon as my shoulder heals, I will re-join the league!" - Tony Elder (Finance) "I came here to get a good work-out and to improve my game!" - Jennifer (President Tech company)
"Bon Jour! I am a 4.5 tennis player and a member of USTA!" - Nicolas Leszek (Tech) "It's hard to get a good partner and a good game.  This league is good, I don't have to call people all day and night to get a game! I just bring my racquet and I'm ready to go!" - Fred Roman (Building Manager)
"I am a 5.0 player and play a typical serve and volley game and I am a good and relentless competitor. I played on my college tennis team!" - Pete Bassey (Accountant) "I had a great time playing tennis tonight!" - Emma (Nurse)
"Man, this league is a lot of fun.  I had a great work-out!" - Robert Jackson (MTA employee) "You are cool.  I like playing in the league every Friday night!" - Mike Massa (Corporate events planner)
"I told my friend Yung, that I only paid $17 for 2 hours of doubles! That's a bargain for indoor tennis in NYC!" - Clarence (Retired school teacher) "This league is inexpensive!" - Richard Irving (Taxi driver)
"You don't make money doing this league?" - Brian (Fiction writer)

"I like to hit and practice before our corporate league matches!" - John Rubin (PBS Channel 13)

"Less social tennis, more competition!" - Abdul (Corporate Finance) "My groundstrokes are advanced but my serve and volleys are intermediate!" - William Young (Corporate Accountant)

"I like to play tennis again! I miss it!" - Anne Bracken (Enterpreneur)
"I like to hit.  I don't like playing games.  I like to hit the ball hard!" - Beng (Nanny from Thailand)



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