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Photo above shows Ami Lee, one of the newest members of Tennis League 2006

"It's hard to get a good partner of similar level and a good game. tennis league does everything for me. I don't have to email and call strangers all day and night to get a game! I just bring my racquet and I'm ready to go! I even get my partner's profile and photo from my email box the night before my match!!! For a very small league fee, you can't beat that!" - FREDFred


" league members are not super competitive and they are all nice and well educated!!!.  I like that.  Almost everyone is playing tennis for fun and exercise and to de-stress from work!" - David



Great way to spend Wednesday night after a hectic day of work!!!
(photo L-R) League members: Dan, Chris, Jean, Steven and Ross played tennis last Wednesday night, Feb 8, 2006 to get some exercise and have fun!

Dr. Joe DeRose (photo above) def Lee Duong 6-3 last Monday, Feb 6, 2006.  Joe has a great backhand form: he bends his knees, turns his shoulder, keeps his eye on the ball, takes his racquet back and generates good racquet speed to create power on his shot! Go, Dr. Joe!!!


Sunday night doubles!
Photo above shows some league members who played last Sunday night doubles, March 12, 2006. (L-R) Sanjith, Jerry, Kyoko, Bryan, Joe and Amilee.

Is this a HAPPY tennis CROWD or what? Sore but happy!
(Photo above L-R) Roman, Abdul, Joe, David, Sanjith, Brandy and Elizabeth were some of the league members who played round robin tennis and cardio last Friday night, March 11, 2006. They hit hundreds of tennis balls! "We're going to sleep well tonight!"  Did you know that Joe Zara, the Italian hunk in the middle, traveled all the way from Long Island to play in the league?

The Italian Flying Tomato Sauce from Brooklyn is back in action!
Joe Zara (photo above 2nd from left) made his return to the Winter league on Friday, February 17, 2006.  He has not played since the summer and is looking to return to the stellar form that led him to his many thrilling wins during the Winter 2005 season.  Eric Jin and Joe played 2 competitive sets of singles with Eric taking the match 6-4, 6-1. Joe said, "I always enjoy playing Eric because he's a great sportsman and a tough competitor."  The first set was very tight despite Joe's absence from the game.  After the match with Eric, Joe hit balls with Brandy and Nikki.  He said smiling, "The ladies of really ran me ragged...They are all good players! I had a lot of fun hitting with them and hope to do so again real soon!"  

Another successful Friday night (Feb 17) of cardio and round robin tennis (photo above)

Great Singles Match!!!
(photo L-R) Ami, Nikki, Joe and Steven played singles last Wednesday night, Feb 15, 2006. Ami def. Nikki 6-4 while Steven def. Joe 6-3.
"This is a lot of fun!" Ami said after the match. "We should do this more often!"

TennisNYC is fun, players are good with no attitude! We play to de-stress from work and to have great exercise because the gym can be very boring sometimes. Photo above shows some league members who played last Fri night, Feb 24, 2006 (l-r) Bryan, David, Jim, Niki, Jerry, Matthew and Michael.

TennisNYC! TennisNYC! Photo above shows some league players who played last Wed night, Jan 25, 2006.

Dan is shown above with some league members who played last Jan 24, 2006.

Tony Moyers (photo right) lives in Atlanta but come to NYC often.  He is a retired military engineer and enjoys playing tennis a lot! "I will come to NYC more often this summer and plan to play with other league members in Central Park!" he said.


The proud father of a six year old tennis player!
Pablo Melasecca stumbled upon TennisNYC website looking for a place for his 6 year old son to play tennis all year round.  However, being a tennis player himself, he decided to try the league not only to work on his game but also more importantly to lose weight. "I could use the work out as I am trying to do my best to lose weight," he confided.  Surprisingly, Pablo is an excellent tennis player, a great competitor and has a warm friendly personality! Welcome to the league, Pablo!


Cardio tennis aims to improve your conditioning, agility, footwork, timing and reaction time!!!
Photo above shows some of the league players who played during the cardio tennis drills work out and round robin of singles/doubles and hitting last Friday night, Jan 27, 2006. (L-R) Girish Bhakoo, Janice Vrana, Dina Jordan, David Hock, Jason Li and Yu Otani.

TENNISNYC.COM tennis league is like one BIG HAPPY FAMILY!!! 
Photo above shows some of the league members who played round robin singles and doubles last Sunday night, Dec 4, 2005. Everyone had a great time!!! CARDIO Tennis drills is Fun!
(L-R) Robin, Jean, Stephen and Sanjith did an hour of intense heart pumping cardio tennis drills last Wednesday night, Dec 7 then played more than an hour of round robin doubles. cardio tennis drills is a great way to release work/winter stress to keep you healthy!!! They hit hundreds and hundreds of tennis balls non-stop from different areas of the tennis court!!!

Advanced Level league members have no attitude!
(L-R) Martin, Otani and Fred

We play tennis for fun, exercise and to de-stress from our demanding day jobs!

Most of our league members are nice people from all walks of life! We emphasize friendships, tolerance, understanding and unity of all races!

Sal Hendrycks (photo above left) tries a running backhand shot during his 2 hour singles match against Chris Bien last Friday night, Nov 25, 2005. Chris def Sal in 3 sets 3-6 6-1 6-1. 

Great way to spend Sunday night this winter!
Stay active this winter! Play tennis indoors! It's a lot of fun!!!
(Photo L-R) Winter league members: Alan Yeung, Chris Bien, Varun, Gopal (seated) Rahul Kumar and Henry Sanchez played tennis indoors last Nov 20, Sunday night from 6pm to 8:30pm during the TennisNYC round robin of singles and doubles!!! For scores, click here league members (photo above) played tennis last Friday night, indoors, Dec 2. league members get the best value for their money: FREE intense cardio tennis drills, good exercise, stress-free games, nice and friendly players with no tennis attitude!!! click here!!!  


 At, we play tennis with no attitude!!!
TennisNYC league members played tennis indoors last Saturday night (L-R) Albert, Alan Yeung, Jerry Hao and Susan Lung

Linda Fitzpatrick likes to be around young people. "It makes me feel young! I want to feel like I'm 19 again!" she said during her evaluation/drills prior to joining the league.  Linda has a great personality, very enthusiastic, and very much into tennis.  She plays tennis at least 3 to 4 times per week and she can't seem to get enough. "I just recently joined a singles league and I love it," she said. Welcome to the winter league, Linda! 

Why hang out in a dark bar this winter? 
Tennis is a great exercise and a nice way to meet friends!
(Photo L-R) Lynne Baione, Jane Park, Jericho Razon and Allison Hickerson played tennis indoors last Oct 22, 2005.

Photo above shows Ana Balquiedra, a TennisNYC league member hitting with Robin last Nov 28, Monday night during the round robin global warming tennis party.

Dana Lilli, the former High School State Champion!!!
Dana worked up a sweat hitting with Yu Otani, a former College Tennis Player from Tokyo, Japan last Nov 28, 2005.
"She is a very good player!" - Otani comments about Dana's game.

The English Gentleman from London
Paul Teague (photo above) just moved to NYC from London where he played tennis for more than 20 years! Paul is an excellent tennis player, in great shape and very good physical conditioning! "I would like to play tennis through the winter!" he said. Welcome to the league, Paul!

The Serena Williams of tennis league!!!
Dina Jordan started playing tennis since she was a young girl. "My whole family in into sports!" she said. Dina is talented, has great coordination, excellent tennis fundamentals and presently working hard to improve on her physical conditioning.  Dina works as a Senior Publicist and this January 2006 will publish her own magazine!

TV Marketing Executive who loves playing tennis
Dave Suskin (photo above) is a 4.5 player, uses an old model Wilson Pro Staff racquet, has a very cool personality, plays with no attitude and dislikes very serious tennis players.  "I joined a USTA sanctioned 4.5 league in the past and I didn't like it because players were too serious," he said.  Dave has a great spin serve, a very versatile player who can use both one hand and two handed backhands.  Welcome to TennisNYC tennis league this winter/spring 2006, Dave!


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