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Photo above shows Meghan Corbett, one of the newest members of

"It's hard to get a good partner of similar level and a good game. tennis league does everything for me. I don't have to email and call strangers all day and night to get a game! I just bring my racquet and I'm ready to go! I even get my partner's profile and photo from my email box the night before my match!!! For a very small league fee, you can't beat that!" - FREDFred


" league members are not super competitive and they are all nice and well educated!!!.  I like that.  Almost everyone is playing tennis for fun and exercise and to de-stress from work!" - David


Venus and Serena!
Kelley Jordan,
(photo above) the Venus Williams of the league, did two hours of cardio drills and round robin tennis last Friday night, Feb 10 as part of her tennis evaluation prior to joining the league. She was referred to TennisNYC league by her sister, Dina Jordan, the Serena Williams of the league so she can work on her game, hit a lot of tennis balls and have fun playing with other members.  Kelley is a very nice, warm and friendly person.  She has good tennis technique and presently working very hard to improve on her conditioning so she can catch up with her sister, Dina.


Super Bowl Tennis!!!
TennisNYC league members celebrated SuperBowl night by playing round robin singles, doubles and hitting last Sunday, Feb 5, 2006. Everyone had a great time! (photo L-R) Sanjith, Albert, Jerry, Jason, Nikki, Ross and Gopal.

Playing tennis is a great way to spend your Saturday night after a week of work!
(photo L-R) Dan, Nikki, Janice, Eric, Jason and Alan all played round robin doubles, singles, hitting and cardio drills last Saturday, Feb 4, 2006.  Alan Yeung always look forward to playing tennis to de-stress from his heavy workload in the office.

(photo L-R) The Chinese Warrior from Canton China, Eric Jin vs The charming athlete from UK, Daniel Holman had a singles battle last Saturday night, Feb 4.  The score? Eric def Daniel 7-6 6-4 "I had so many chances especially in the second set.  I'm very competitive, I want to keep improving and win next time!" - Dan

Matthew McDermott, a league member is shown above during the TennisNYC round robin hitting, singles and cardio drills last Friday, Feb 3, 2006.

"I feel better now and my game is much better! I ate too much good food while I was in Japan so I want to lose a little weight and get back in shape!" - Yu Otani said after his second drills sessions this winter season.
(photo L-R) Jim Roccas, Matthew and Yu Otani

Work stress? Winter Blues? No Problem!!! Friday night CARDIO TENNIS DRILLS main goal is to eliminate winter/work stress.  Photo above shows TennisNYC league members after the cardio work-out. They all hit hundreds and hundreds of tennis balls!!! After an hour of cardio workout, they played 2 more hours of round robin doubles and singles. Photo taken last Jan 20, 2006. (L-R) Lee, Roman, Jerry, Dina, Nikki, Henry, Kyoko and Jean. MORE PHOTOS below.

The first match of the NEW YEAR 2006!!!
The NYC Fashion Designer, Lee Duong vs The RUSSIAN finance mogul, Roman Livson!!
Lee Duong def Roman Livson 6-3
Date of the match: Jan 18, 2006 10pm indoors

Lee Duong (Photo above L) has been a league member since summer 2005.  His game steadily improved since joining the league. He is mild mannered and very polite.  But don't be deceived by his sweet smile, his intensity on the tennis court is hidden like a sleeping volcano. He was a semi-finalist in the 2005 Intermediate Tennis Tournament! Roman Livson (photo above R) is a typical Russian tennis fighter.  He is intense, curses (in Russian) when he misses a shot, doesn't want to lose and fights to the bitter end! He loves to run for every ball and frequently does the fist pump when he hits a running forehand! BTW, he loves eating caviar and drinking sake until he pass out!

Photo above shows Mr. Eric Capuano, league coach/instructor giving a serve lesson to Steve Cambor, a member of TennisNYC tennis league last Jan 20, 2006.

Michael Secor (photo above) did an hour of tennis evaluation and drills last Jan 20, 2006.  "I'm not too bad for a big guy, huh?" he said after an hour of intense hitting and running.  Michael started playing tennis when he was just a kid, hitting balls against the wall of their garage.  "I was into sports growing up in Connecticut," he said. Besides tennis, he also played lots of golf. "I worked in a golf club when I was just 11 years old which gave me the opportunity to play golf," he added.



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